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Fairleigh Feed Yard in Scott City, KS is a founding member of U.S Premium Beef. We market over 95% of the cattle fed at Fairleigh Feed Yard through the USPB Grid, doing so has returned our customers $45.00 per head over the KS avg. cash price in 2014.. We take great pride in our facilities, our personnel, and our membership in USPB. Our performance ranks at the top of the industry year after year.

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Top Features

  • USPB Marketing
  • Cattle and Feed Financing
  • Risk Management
  • Cattle Partnership
  • Steam Flaked Rations
  • Natural Feeding Program
  • Source & Age Verified Facility
  • Cattle Procurement

Management Tools

Fairleigh Feed Yard  provides customers with the necessary management tools to determine their financial risk.

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